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We can simply add our cellular device to your existing system and takeover your monitoring at half price without the use of phone lines. Nothing changes in your current system. This could save you $500.00 per year.

Alarm Monitoring By Trained Professionals

Competent alarm monitoring is necessary for the security of your family or business. At of Oceanside, California, our operators are some of the best anywhere in the United States. Our cellular monitoring rates start at only $15.95 per month, 500% faster monitoring than most companies.

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Fast Response

Rest assured that your alarm signals will be handled as fast as or faster than any home security company in the industry. Our average response times are typically three to five times faster than most of our competitors.

You have full control of all actions with your security system. Check your alarm history and change emergency call lists on your alarm system 24 hours a day from any internet-connected device.

You may also print alarm actions and police records following a dispatch on your alarms. Our systems even email you when your alarm is deactivated by your child when they return home from school or a night out. As a business owner, you may easily check on your staff attendance by going to our website at any time, from anywhere in the world.